Bring in more customers to your business.

The easiest way to acquire, engage and retain customers with iBeacon technology.

Connect with customers.

In just a few clicks create and publish any kind of content offers, coupons, tips, etc. and bring nearby potential customers to your venue or engage them by delivering more information on products and services that are interesting to them such as discounted pricing, photos and recommendations. They will be notified in their mobile phones when they pass by or walk in your store .

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Delight your customers.

Reward customers automatically when they walk into your store by giving them Pynce Reward Points ™. Once they have reached the redeem points limit customers can redeem their collected points and receive a digital voucher from Pynce.

Know your customers.

With a simple to use dashboard gain a deeper understanding of who is around your business. Understand who your customer are. See where they go within your venue. View engagement rates and use this data to improve your customer experience.

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How it works.

Generate connections with potential customers by delivering personalized content and relevant offers directly to their mobile phone when they passing by or enter your venue

1- Sign up with Pynce

We activate your business in Pynce App
and users who have downloaded the app will see your business information and any currently running campaigns or reward points you assigned on their smartphones.

2- Receive your Pynce iBeacons

Install them inside your venue and you will also receive your own access to the Pynce Panel so you can create campaigns, assign reward points and link them to iBeacon devices that will deliver your campaign to app users when they pass by or enter your venue.

3- Access your Pynce Panel

You login to your Pynce Panel whenever you want to check your latest customers, your loyal customers , your store activity and more insight information that can help you enhance your business.

Hear what others think of Pynce


We are excited to use Pynce, it was simple and easy to setup.

— Alex Kocker,


Pynce gave us a new way to interact with local customers with cost effective pricing.

— Adrian,


Pynce was extremely helpful in installing and helping to send specials & coupons.

— Assia,


What is Pynce?

Pynce is a city explorer app that uses iBeacon technology to provide customized information based on micro location. Pynce App, Pynce Control Panel and Pynce iBeacons hardware allows business owners to promote their businesses in innovative way while providing maximum benefits for Pynce App users. People who use the Pynce App can learn and interact with many kinds of useful information, the latest announcements, detailed information on products, services, sales, discounts, offers, and much more based on their micro-location. Participating businesses can customize experiences directly for App users through Pynce Panel and the installed Pynce iBeacon devices.

What is an iBeacon Device?

An iBeacon is a small (typically battery powered) device that transmits a radio signal with a unique identifier that the majority of smartphones listen for. These devices use such a low amount of power that they can go years before the battery needs to be replaced. This is great because now we can trigger the phone to perform an action based on this signal without the user needing to perform an action.

How can it help my business?

When Pynce iBeacons are placed in your store, they use Bluetooth technology to transmit unique identifier to nearby smartphones. From there with our web control panel and our Pynce App, you could use your customers’ smartphone to: Reward customers with Pynce reward point when they walk into your store entrance. • Direct shoppers to their desired aisle in your venue. • Engage customers by providing them with more information about your products or services • Acquiring new customers by sending specials and coupons to them while they walk near your venue. • Reward cusomers with Pynce Reward Points when they walk in your venue. • Know your customers better: what zones they spend more time, what content they prefer, what time of the day the engagement is higher.

Which plan do I need?

It's based on the size of the venue. Normally for a small business Starter plan should be enough. One beacon installed in the front gate and another beacon places inside the venue. But, if your venue is large and you want to see different activities in different areas, or you want to send different campaigns at the same time you may need more than 2 ibeacons (one ibeacon can only send one campaign for a period of time). .

Can I acess the Pynce Panel any where?

Yes you can access the Pynce Panel from anywhere in the world. Likewise as it is a web platform, Pynce panel can be accessed from different operating systems and different web browsers.

Can I register multiple locations or companies?

Yes if you have more than one branches and you need more than 4 iBeacons you will need to get our customized plan, Just contact us.

What Cities is Pynce in and or coming to?

Pynce is currently mainly active in Wellington, New Zealand. We are strategically expanding to Auckland, but that doesn’t mean you cannot sign up for it in your city. In fact, if you are one of the first 100 Businesses to sign up, you get a special price and gift from us at Pynce!.

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